Andrew Bolt attacks Jews, Indians and migrants for living together

NewsCorp blogger and SkyNews host Andrew Bolt has once again entered the arena of competitive migrant-bashing, claiming in his latest diatribe that Australia is being invaded, nay, “colonised”, by waves of migrant tribes.

Andrew Bolt’s NewsCorp-sponsored rant spared few non-white, non-English-speaking or non-Christian targets.0

In the same week that Blair Cottrell, a self-described Hitler fan and anti-Semite, was hosted by SkyNews, Andrew Bolt’s latest rant targets Melbourne’s Jewish community, criticising them for living as a community in inner suburbs such as North Caulfield.

SkyNews has since apologised for airing the interview with a neo-Nazi, suspending the Adam Giles interview format show that invited Mr Cottrell, all while retaining the blogger who targeted North Caulfield Jews for living together as a well-integrated community.

His diatribe does not spare older migrant generations, however, taking the time to point out Italians, of whom one in seven still speak Italian at home.

As Andrew Bolt has taken it upon himself to police what and how people speak in the privacy of their homes, the irony seems lost on him that this country, Australia, was founded by colonist migrants who insisted on keeping their foreign mother tongues and refused to integrate by learning the local, Australian languages.

Australia’s multicultural society has rallied in response to Bolt’s attack on ethnic Australians, with community leaders delivering scathing rebuttals.

Jennifer Huppert, president of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria, told The Guardian Australia:

“There is a rise in ultra-rightwing activity in Victoria and this type of activity can fuel antisemitic, anti-Islamic and general racist debate and language in our community.”

It should come as no surprise, then, that Melbourne’s most identifiable neo-Nazi was emboldened and publicised not a week later by Bolt’s employer, where he found the audacity to claim that Australians needed more national pride to fight foreign ideologies. Yet apparently not including his own.

Courtesy of Channel 7 and SkyNews, Blair Cottrell has been given a mainstream media platform to promote his ideology, whitewashing his history as a violent, convicted criminal, into a concerned citizen just “telling it like it is”. Even after said networks apologised afterwards for overlooking these facts, if not deliberately ignoring, the damage is done and it can hardly be seen as accidental.

So long as mainstream newspaper columnists like Andrew Bolt are labelling Jewish Australians, among others, as invading tribes attacking Australia’s culture, it only follows that neo-Nazis like Cottrell will be appearing on our TV screens and in our newspapers, and their followers will be taking to our streets.


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