IREA leads Da’wah coalition for Australia’s first Qur’an Day 2018

IREA Qur'an Quran Islam Muslims Da'wah Dawah
IREA aims to give 10,000 Australians a copy of the Qur’an around the country on Sunday, the 6th of May. Source: IREA – Facebook.

The Islamic Research & Educational Academy (IREA) has announced a nationwide Islamic Da’wah campaign to distribute copies of the Qur’an to Australians for the first Qur’an Day, on 6th May 2018. With at least 100 volunteers in 8 cities, including Melbourne, Ballarat and Dandenong, the campaign hopes to provide at least 10,000 copies on this day alone, giving a chance for Australians to read the word of God themselves, and to expose the lies against the Qur’an perpetrated by the Islamophobia industry.

“Islam is the oldest Abrahamic religion to take root in Australia, and now those roots are flourishing, with 1 million Australian Muslims by 2030,” Waseem Razvi, President of IREA, has stated. “To meet this demand, we will need more books, schools, worship centres, imams and missionaries to serve this community.”

Hoping to fulfil the growing interest in Islam and the Islamic awakening in Australia, IREA hopes to promote more open and honest dialogue about the Qur’an by providing direct unfiltered access to it for all Australians.

“IREA’s Da’wah hopes to flood the streets with the Qur’an, instil the values of the Qur’an, mercy, compassion and justice, into society, and revive the spirit of Islam in Australia’s first national Islamic campaign.”


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