Toronto attacked by “Incel” terrorist

Toronto has been devastated after an Incel terrorist drove a van down the pavement on Yonge St, intent on mowing down and killing pedestrians.

This is now the second terrorist attack attributed to the misogynist Incel movement. While authorities have worked to dismiss it as a terrorist incident, the existence of the attacker’s manifesto on Facebook before carrying out the attack is evidently a declaration of intent, and enough to fulfil the criteria of a terrorist’s motivation.

In the hours following the aftermath of the attack, social media had sprung to assign blame for the attack upon immigrants allowed into Canada by Prime Minister Trudeau. Among these was British alt-right radio mouthpiece Katie Hopkins, who continued to rail against Trudeau and immigrants, even hours after the attacker was revealed to be an Armenian Canadian citizen.

Katie Hopkins Justin Trudeau Fake News Toronto Incel
Katie Hopkins attacks PM Trudeau on Twitter, calling him “complicit” in the Incel attack on Toronto. Source: Twitter.

Previously, Katie Hopkins had recorded a video of herself walking the streets of Toronto, panicked and looking in feigned terror at the presence of brown people nearby, claiming she thought she couldn’t see anyone from Canada nearby. This is despite the fact that the video shows a diverse range of people behind her, including comfortably white-looking Canadians. Despite the terrorist being Canadian-born, had no connections to Islam, and even ascribed to Hopkins’ ideology, she has nonetheless continued feeding her ethnic panic with fake news, and apparently no admission that she lied to the public.

Katie Hopkins is not alone in the Alt-Right’s ideological obsession with fake news and lying to promote Islamophobia. While they may desperately claim otherwise, the Alt-Right and Hopkins are far more complicit in radicalising the terrorist and motivating this attack than Trudeau could be.

The attack has also been compared to Canada’s deadliest mass shooting and terrorist attack, the École Polytechnique massacre of 1989, in which a man shot and killed 14 women in Montreal claiming he was fighting feminism. This makes the Toronto attack Canada’s second most deadly terror attack, and its second anti-feminist terrorist attack.

Toronto has meanwhile shown that they are a city far stronger and honest than Hopkins ever could be, and will remain steadfast against the Incel ideology and their movement of hatred.



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